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How can I challenge the notion of ‘boys will be boys’ when people say it in front of my toddler, without overly insulting them, or ostracising myself from mum groups?
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Does anyone have any tips for moving a toddler from a cot to a 'big boy/girl bed'?
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My 8 (soon 9) year old son has become incredibly argumentative and belligerent. Not aggressive mind, just incredibly moody and confrontational. It's how I imagined the teenage years to be just 5 years early! Normally, he's a delightful, well-mannered, considerate chap but, if he's had friends over, he just morphs in to a little sh** for want of a better word. Everything we ask him to do, no matter how simple or ordinary, results in argumentative behaviour or attitude. Sadly, my wife isn't handling it very well either and the two end up in some kind of stand-off with the argument just escalating out of control. If I intervene and try to calm the situation I get grief from both parties. Anyway, does anyone have any ideas as to how I can help resolve these situations or ideas on how to deal with the boy?
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Is it normal to get angry with a baby..? I adore my 7 month old son beyond measure but sometimes lose my temper with him when he's crying or whingeing. He's not been the easiest baby- he had colic and reflux, has never slept more than 2 hours at night and still only catnaps on me during the day (usually after half an hour crying first). He's also very highly strung and never ever sits still, which is wonderful in so many ways but I am also completely exhausted. The anger only lasts a second and will only be me snapping at him (normally to 'go to f#cking sleep') but then I (quite rightly) feel SO guilty. Is this normal?? Am I permanently damaging him?
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How much TV should toddlers/kids watch?
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Sleep problems: For a week now my 22 month old has stopped napping during the day and just stands and screams in her cot at night time. Since 8 weeks old she's been a great sleeper with no fuss or elaborate routine and now it's a drama. I suspect it's teething so she's had calpol most nights but it's so hard to tell. When we do get her off to sleep at night she's waking early and we're having to bring her in to our bed where she's easily settled - help!
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Does anyone else have a kid who gets frightened by Halloween? My 4-year-old girl has started spotting Halloween stuff in shop displays and is getting frightened. I'm not sure how to handle it as I love Halloween!!
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Lisa Tantrum 
My friend's daughter has started getting extremely car sick - does anyone have any tips for tackling this? Both prevention + cure!
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My toddler has just started to tell me to go away and sometimes pushes me away. Is this normal? It's quite upsetting as I haven't changed my behaviour and am always what I believe is loving and patient mum.
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Does anyone know any good family-friendly shows at Edinburgh Fringe this year? Or have any tips for new-ish parents heading to the festival? I am taking my son who is three..
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